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    In 2013 a young kid was walking to a local field that kids played in.  He was carrying a BB gun that bore some resemblance to an AK-47, but had attracted no attention and was not pointing the damned thing at anyone or acting in any way threatening  

    Sonoma County Deputy, Eric Gelhaus and another Deputy pulled  up behind young Andy Lopez and Deputy Gelhaus yelled at The kid  When the boy turned, Deputy Lopez opened fire and shot him numerous times killing the boy.  The other Deputy did not fire a shot.  The District Attorney, Jill Ravitch, waited until after the election then declined to file charges  

    There was a storm of protest, both in the general community and extensively in the Latino community which is a major component of the local populace.  But, it came to naught and Deputy Gelhaus spent some time on paid leave then returned to active duty of the force  

    today, the local paper, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat is reporting that Deputy Gelhaus has been promoted to Sergeant and will be an overseeing Supervisor.

    Providing opportunities to be promoted is a moral duty and a legal and human right, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

    the Human Rights Commission had recommended that Deputy Gelhaus be confined to desk duty.  I guess that would interfere with his human rights  

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  • 10/09/17--07:38: Watching the fire from afar
  • While I'm here in the Midwest taking care of family business my beloved Sonoma County is burning. My wife, just a week post surgery, saw the orange glow over the Calistoga hills and had just a couple minutes to flee. She was able to grab the satchel with titles, insurance papers, and legal documents. Got two of our three cats into the car and had to flee in front of the flames without being able to find our male kitty. 

    The flames are are visible throughout Sonoma County pretty much everywhere east of, and along the 101 corridor. Parts of Santa Rosa itself are burning and the damage is untold yet as the sun is just up. 

    Spare a thought for the people and animals fleeing this wind-whipped maelstrom. 

    Typing this from my iPhone at a booth in the Midwest feeling very useless. 


    As the day goes on it is apparent what remarkable devastation has hit. My brothers house in Coffey Park area is gone. The fine entertainment complex just north of town the LBC is gone. The new Sutter Hospital is badly damaged, various department stores are leveled. 

    I’m astounded that this, or rather these, fires have spread so rapidly and jumped the highway and hit the urban part of the community. The need for shelter and support for the residents will likely strain the abilities of the community, but we will prevail in the end and rebuild the structures. The loss of life is unknown so far, but I expect grim news given the speed and the hour the fires struck. 

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  • 03/18/18--07:32: Sunday at the Midwest Cafe
  • I’m sitting in a little Mom&Pop restaurant in trump territory Indiana. It’s Sunday morning and there are Sunday clothes and farmer duds at the various tables. An old retired guy from my little town is sitting down from me a bit, but he doesn’t recognize me as I left decades ago. 

    The conversation over over there is pretty loud, not in an aggressive way, but as often happens when hearing fades. I’m not paying a lot of attention as I sit here reading Meteor Blade’s latest column. 

    My ears perk perk up when they start talking about trump. One guy asks my old townie what he thinks. He waits a moment and says,”I think they’ll get him.” “I think this special prosecutor guy has found stuff.”

    the other guy says, “I do too, he acts guilty. “. “I haven’t believed all these things about him without some proof, but he’s acting like he is in the bag for the Russians.”

    They  were both disgusted that trump had screwed the guy out of his pension, and that trump was attacking the FBI. My old townie says,”Hell, these FBI guys are good Republicans”.

    They got up to leave, exchanged a few pleasantries, another guy sitting there thanked the guy for his Service, noting the Korean War Veteran cap. I know he was a Marine and served with my Dad as they fought their way out of Chosin. 

    I don’t know if this is anything more than anecdotal, but not a murmur came from anyone in protest. 

    I hogging a booth booth on a busy Sunday, so I’ll sign off. Cheers

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  • 11/10/18--13:52: It was raining....
  • In Flanders Field the poppys grow
    trump he can’t see them though
    He’s eating fries in some Hotel
    Because he heard some raindrops fell
    The gallant men who fought and died
    He shrugs off and orders another pie
    I’ll just say this really brief
    This sack of crap ain’t no C-in-Chief

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